Ohio Fair School Funding

Beginning 15 months before the FY2020-2021 Ohio budget process began, Ohio General Assembly Representatives Robert Cupp (R) and John Patterson (D) began a true bipartisan effort to solve Ohio's school funding crisis. The current school funding formula results in 82% of Ohio school districts either being capped in their funding, or on a minimum funding guarantee. It is apparent that the funding formula is broken, and as such, the call to fix school funding has grown stronger.

Representatives Cupp and Patterson solicited the help of educators on the frontlines to help craft a funding solution. Superintendents and Treasurers from across all parts of Ohio worked with economists and financial consultants to collect data, study school funding in the United States, and craft a fair and equitable funding proposal for Ohio. The final product of the Cupp-Patterson workgroup is known as the Ohio Fair School Funding Model. Currently, the funding plan is now known as House Bill 305, which was introduced as a stand alone bill in the summer of 2019. The legislation is currently under review by the Ohio General Assembly. Please use the links below to connect to the Ohio Fair School Funding documents to learn more about the proposal.

Fair School Funding Plan: Full Report


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Fair School Funding Plan: Executive Summary

Executive Summary - Fair School Funding Plan

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